Fixing hardware problems is not been easy and takes a lot of time to consume rather than software problems, it is because when it comes to software handling you don’t really need to open or dismantle a mobile phone handset, because only few of them really need to. In most cases like this, many among mobile phones technician focus on software handling like especially unlocking, for it less time consuming and more flexible to do with. This is been true that mobile phone technicians were separated into two specialties, like Hardware expert and Software expert, that is what the term they called it; It because mobile phones is a combination of software and hardware mechanism.
But there are also many mobile phones masters that can manage and do both hardware and software specialty and skills. They gained this knowledge by years of experience, and not only that they also earned much more income rather than to those staying at one particular specialty.

Now, here is the basic step by step repair procedure on hardware troubleshooting on mobile phones. Various mobile phones have different circuits and components or parts layouts and designs. First thing you must learn and be familiar with is, how each circuit components or parts is being mounted, connected, assembled or designed.

First step in handling troubleshooting procedure.
1. Visualization Checkup– Before proceeding to anything always consider the fact that a mobile phones handset is fragile object. Check and have take a look around every inch of the handsets package and layout, In this manner you can identify if the handset is in repairable condition, something like checking the whole printed circuit board components and parts, if it is free from dust,corrosion, bended,breakage etc.
2. Know the Phones Status – Ask the the user or the costumer about the phones history before the problem occurs. Letting know the phones history like accidentally soaked into a liquids or water, dropped,throwned and etc.
In this manner you can get an idea where to start or begin with.
3. Do Software Check up – Use a certain flashing device for that particular handset product to be able to read logs, logs is a reading of mobile phones firmware programmed and installed unto it. This is a big help for most advance mobile technician this days, A logs reading can help you where the faulty line or parts occurs. If you are not familiar about how to read logs you can ask to that certain flashing device product supporters and creator.
You can do flash, reformat at first hand if found something wrong with the mobile phones firmware. If all methods of software already done and nothing happens, proceed to hardware troubleshooting.

4. Analyze The Circuit – After dismantling and do visualization check up,be patient and take your time to analyze the whole circuits layout, and think of a step by step plan procedure in your mind where or how to begin with. A Special Operation Procedure is good way and a reliable source of idea within yourself, not only by enhancing your skills but you are also practicing a self discipline method.

Now lets take one example of basic hardware troubleshooting methods in one particular mobile phone handsets. In this simple way you can then manage how to troubleshoot or been able on finding faulty parts or components within a mobile phone circuitry.


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